Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Autotune / Melodyne ?

Yes, both will be applied if needed or asked.

What are the files that I have to send ?

For the mixing to be done in the best conditions, you will have to send all your files preferably in the .WAV format. EVERY PLUGIN has to be off (including sends like “reverb”, “delay”, etc…). Separate files for each individual vocal track, each file should be the length of the entire song. Each file should be named accordingly to what is inside, and also with the name of the artist performing if there is multiple artists in the same song. If chorus part is separated it is even better.

For example if your song is 3mn33: inside your session you have 1 instrumental, 1 lead for the verses, 1 background vocal for the verses, 1 lead for the chorus, 1 harmony for the chorus. I should then receive 5 .WAV files of 3mn33 each. File naming example:

1- Beat.wav; 2- Verses_Lead.wav; 3- Verses_Back.wav; 4- Chorus_Lead.wav; 5- Chorus_Harmony.wav

You don’t have to separate the chorus every time it appears, but in general. So if in this song you have 2 chorus, both will appear in the same file. Then the “Chorus-Lead.WAV” will sounds like silence_CHORUS_silence_CHORUS. Same for the verses, the “Verses_Lead.wav” may sounds like: VERSE_silence_VERSE_silence.

Please also join your global track in mp3 with all your settings and effects, so I can follow the direction you started.

If you have any question, any doubt you want to clear: contact me, I will be happy to help !

How can I send my files ?

I recommend because it is a great File Sharing Service that is secure, easy and fast. With it you are also able to select “Link” instead of “Email”, so you can copy the link once your files are uploaded and past the link anywhere. But you can use your favorite file sharing service as well.

When you order a mix you will be asked to put the link of your uploaded files. I will then be able to download your files and start to work as soon as I see the order.

How to download my mixed song ?

When the work will be done (allow 48 – 72h of processing time), you will receive a notification via email. You will then just have to login to your account, and you will be able to securely download your mixed song in the “Downloads” tab.

What is a revision ?

A revision is when you ask for a list of modifications to be done on the received mixed song. If the modified mix still needs some adjustments, you can ask for another revision. In total you can ask for 3 revisions maximum.

How long will the mixing session be stored ?

I will store on my HDD your session for 6 months. During this time you can ask me to send to you whatever files you need.

Do you use Tracks-out for the beat ?

Tracks-out mean that there is an audio file for each individual instrument of the instrumental. Tracks-out of the beat is not needed if the beat is already sounding good. I mainly work the “2 tracks way“, that means without tracks-out but with the entire beat in one file. If you need specific arrangement in the beat (for example changing volume or appearance of individual instruments), the tracks-out will be needed.

If you want a mixing on the beat’s Tracks-Out please select this extra option when ordering. If you simply need quick arrangement on the beat’s Tracks-Out (no individual stem’s mixing), please contact me beforehand.

In what format will be my mixed files ?

You will be able to download your mixed song in .MP3 and .WAV, the Tracks-Out will also be available if asked.

What is a mastering ?

The purposes of mastering are to get the track louder, get it to sound good on different listening supports, it also enhance the overall sound if needed.

Is there a special price when buying more mixes ?

There is a sponsorship & fidelity program. You have to go in the “Loyalty and Rewards” tab of your account.

Sponsorship: You can send an invitation to a friend via email. They will receive a 10€ coupon, and you will receive a 10€ coupon automatically on their first order.

Fidelity: Every time you buy a mix you get 1 point. With 3 points you can unlock a -30% coupon for 1 mix, and with 5 points you can unlock a free mix (70€ coupon).

Can you help me on my computer ?

If you encounter a specific problem to export the files from your session, please contact me. If needed we can use  so I can show you virtually and help you directly on your screen.

What artists inspire you for mixing ?

I enjoy the musicality of actual and popular artists like Drake, Travis Scott, DaBaby, Tory Lanez, The Weeknd, etc…

I always refresh my list of Reference Tracks and don’t hesitate to use it while mixing, this way I can provide modern sounding and up-to-date mixes.

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