Online mixing with free mastering – Rap, rnb, pop

Excellence in every detail


A bright lead, a bewitching reverb, adapted delays. A wide chorus, clean background vocals and living ad-libs.


Deep bass as well as shining high ends. Everything is adjusted to merge with the vocals without masking it.


The song is refined, middle and sides receive a final treatment. The mastering boosts the global volume.

All included

  • Mixing with all effects

  • Unlimited vocal tracks

  • Free mastering

  • Up to three revisions

  • Completed within 48h

Hire a real engineer

I am a mixing and mastering engineer

Your song will be carefully listened to and improved. Your ideas heard, developed and highlighted.

I put at your service all my expertise in mixing and mastering, in order to bring the quality you expect.

If you have any questions, please take the time to contact me. I would be happy to help you!



Recording and mixing


With different universes


Attentively processed

Recent reviews

  • “Very good communication, he clearly understands the vision we want to bring to the song. I recommend.”

Verified purchase

  • “Professional quality. I highly recommend him for any musical project!”

Verified purchase

  • “Perfect, invested in his work and brings a good personal touch to his mixes.”

Verified purchase

Quality is important


The online mixing allows your music to have a professional and higher audio quality. A precise mix transforms the tone of your sound. I will make sure that everything is perfectly balanced.

Mixing makes the difference between an amateur sound and a professional sound. More than that, mixing showcases your work. The song is cleaner and much more pleasant to listen to.


The online mastering brings the final improvements. It ensures that the volume and quality meet industry standards. The song sounds correctly on different listening supports.

If you upload your music to streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube, your song is seamlessly integrated.
It has a quality and volume similar to commercial tracks.

Processing details:

  • The equalizer allows attenuating bad frequencies in order to make the voice cleaner.
    The EQ can also boost the good frequencies and bring color.
    Moreover each manufacturer has its own musical touch.

  • The de-esser reduces sibilant sound. A sibilant sound is the whistling you hear when an “s” or “ch” is spoken.
    This sound is often aggressive to the ear so it is necessary to control it.

  • The compressor is used to control variations in volume.
    The stronger parts are attenuated and the weaker parts are increased.
    The compressor also allows adding color to the sound, each manufacturers having a different color.

  • The famous effect that corrects the voice by providing a very recognizable sound.
    It can also be used to correct the voice more transparently.

  • Mid and sides are treated differently.
    This brings space together with a wider and more immersive listening.

  • It is possible to combine several effects.
    For example delays with saturation.
    The final result can be unique.

  • Cuts bring dynamism and highlight the voice.
    We can cut certain parts of the beat, make bass repetitions.
    Also add effects like tape-stop, submarine effect, etc.

  • The reverb is carefully set up to create a unique universe.
    It creates a hypnotic space, and it sublimates the emotions.

  • Delays bring movement and depth.
    They are set and adjusted manually throughout the song.
    The listening is then more captivating.

  • Melodyne is a very transparent vocal editor.
    It allows you to correct the notes, and even to create different melodies.
    Modifications remain natural when listening though.

  • Saturation creates a unique vibe that is the opposite of discreet effects.
    It also can bring a certain sound color when it is used more subtly.

  • The limiter is the final tool that boosts the volume of the song.
    It makes it competitive against the latest commercial releases.

  • If parts are offset and out tempo they are readjusted.
    If necessary, the backs are re-aligned with the lead so that everything is homogeneous.

  • ID3 tags are applied to each song so that the correct information appears during playback.
    This includes the song title, artist name, year of release, and cover.

  • You receive with each song a simple and sober cover image.
    It is included in ID3 tags and can also be downloaded separately to promote the song.

Three simple steps

Send your files

Simple account creation, secure payment by credit card with Stripe or PayPal. You provide the link to your files when ordering the online mixing.

Enjoy free time

You can follow the progress of your order and enjoy the free time.
You can also contact me by email or Discord while I am processing your files.

Download your track

When I finish, you receive an email notification.
You can then login to download your files and rediscover your music.

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